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    BLUNTWOODS – 11 FLAVORS ( 6 Cigars )








    Bluntwoods Cigar Wraps are infused with 10 year old Bourbon and 5 year cask aged Rum.

    Enjoy a nice high quality smoke with Bluntwoods. Take your favourite ground up cannabis, even extracts, and roll it all up with a nice fat Bluntwood. Not only will you get great natural flavour from the leaves, but also the infusion of flavour that you select. If you’re looking for a good quality blunt wrap, Bluntwoods is definitely a top quality choice for you. They are based in Canada, so feel great to support the local market as well!

    No chemicals or preservatives!

    If your Bluntwoods is a bit dry, you can simply mist with water or place it between two damp paper towels for one minute.

    We are very confident and proud to provide our customers with the best cigar wraps in Canada. We hand select each leaf to ensure the quality in moisture, texture, aroma and flavour.