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  • Wedding Crasher Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection | Gizmocrafts

    Wedding Crasher AAAA- By Gizmo Production (NEW DROPS) (Fuel, Grape, Pungent)

  • World War 3 Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection | Gizmocrafts

    World War 3 AAAA- By Gizmo Production (NEW DROPS) ( Pine, Sour, Spicy)

  • Sale! FUNKY CHAMRS Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Funky Charms AAAA- By Gizmo Production (NEW DROPS) (Heavy Gassy) WEEKED SPECIAL SALES

  • falcon 9 Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Falcon 9 AAAA+ By Gizmo Collectives (NEW DROPS)(Heavy Gassy Friuty Sticky)

  • Gas cake Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Gas Cake AAAA+ By Gizmo Collectives (NEW DROPS)(Fruity Sticky Creamy)

  • Sale! PEANUT BUTTER Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Peanut Butter AAAA- (NEW DROPS)

  • GAS MASK Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Gas Mask AAAA- (NEW DROPS)(Sticky+Heavy Gas)

  • Girl Scout Wookies Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Girl Scout Wookies AAAA- (NEW DROPS)

  • Sale! Unicorn Cookies Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Unicorn Cookies AAAA- (NEW DROPS)

  • Sale! Pink Mars OG Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Pink Mars OG AAAA- (NEW DROPS)

  • Sale! Sour Garlic Cookies Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Sour Garlic Cookies AAAA- (NEW DROPS)

  • Sale! Death Bubba Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Death Bubba AAAA- (NEW DROPS)

  • Sale! El Muerte Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    El Muerte AAAA- (NEW DROPS)

  • Sale! MACLATO Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Maclato AAAA-(LAST OZ)

  • Sale! Peanut Butter Rockstar Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Peanut Butter Rockstar AAAA


    Indica dominant with 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

    THC: 24-28%

    Peanut Butter Rockstar is a hybrid of Peanut Butter Breath, Rockstar, and Mendo Breath. It has a heavy-hitting THC of 28% and a CBD of 0.5%. The average range of THC level is as high as 24-28%. It is a fairly new strain of marijuana that is Indica dominant with 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

    The flavour is nutty and earthy, as is suggested by the name. It has a rich herbal undertone. It has a subtle aroma that kicks in to boost the flavours of rich nutty earthiness with each inhales.

    It starts off as a very strong euphoria that kicks in as soon as you exhale. It gives the feeling of a cerebral lift and spreads off to the rest of the body in the form of tingly waves of energy. These feelings usually leave you feeling hopelessly relaxed until the need to munch hits hard. The high lasts a very long time due to a high THC.

    This strain is often used to treat medical conditions like depression and anxiety. The Peanut Butter Rockstar strain is mostly used for its strong sedation qualities, perfect for winding down individuals with symptoms of chronic stress. It has a general uplifting effect on the mood of the user and a deep body feeling of relaxation.

    It is often also used to treat loss of appetite as a number of consumers have reported a strong urge to munch and have a hearty meal after the use of this particular strain.

    The use of Peanut Butter Rockstar strain is also said to help with chronic aches and pains related to arthritis, muscle spasms, and inflammations. Sometimes it is also used to treat insomnia in patients as its use has been reported to have a sleep-inducing effect on the user.

  • Sale! Purple Freeze Cannabis Strain | Gizmo Selection

    Purple Freeze AAAA (NEW DROPS)


    Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

    THC: 26%

    Purple Freeze is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Resin Snob and produced by Samadhi Farms. This pungent cross of Obama Kush and Skunk #1 offers consumers a bouquet of diesel fuel, spices, and a round, earthy undertone. The strain’s effects are relaxing and peaceful, helping consumers shrug off stress and unwind after a long day. Purple Freeze stays true to its name with buds coated in frosty trichomes atop dark purple foliage. These chill effects make it a perfect choice for consumers seeking to abate anxiety while donning a stoney glow.