Red Runtz AAAA By Gizmo Collectives


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THC: 28%

Red Runtz Strain is a hybrid bred by Exotic Genetix. This legendary cross of Red Pop and Runtz draws heavily from the Red Pop flavor profile. These dense maroonish-purple buds with thick orange hairs deliver an intense sour red candy taste that’s unmistakable. The effects bring a calming and euphoric lift and a relaxing body sensation that becomes sedative over time. Red Runtz is an indica dominant hybrid. The ratio usually goes like 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Due to the indica dominance, it’s recommended to be comsumed during the night unless you want a lazy day.Red Runtz comes with an average THC level of 28%, thus the effects are considered pretty strong. It is not a dominant strain on the CBD side, the flower has less than 1% CBD.



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