Gas Gang Disposable Vape Pen 1G (40 Flavors)


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Gas Gang Disposable Vape Pen Upgraded

Delicious! Potent! Elegant!

A must have for any public social gathering. Discreet and no lingering smells.

Gas Gang Disposable Flavour Vape Pen – 1g ( battler Included )

Made with Premium Distillate – No VG & No PG

Lab Tested between 92% – 96%

The same great GasGang premium quality distillate, but in a new upgraded and vaporizer giving you the best premium smoke.


When the distillate gets cold it will thicken and clog the pen. To clear this clog, keep your pen in room temperature environments. If the pen does get clogged, hold it between your hands to warm it up for 5 min, and try to use it again. Once you get it to smoke again, blow into the pen and smoke should come out of the charger area.


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Very Cherry, Unicorn Poop, Banana Split, Strawberry Banana, Lemon Lime, Mango OG, Ghost Train Haze, Bruce Banner, Runts, Jolly Rancher, Pina Colada, Trix Indica, Pink Kush, Zkittlez, Blueberry Pie, Papaya Punch, Lucky Charm, Super Lemon Haze, Cotton Candy, Cherry Pineapple, Blue Slushies, Pineapple, Orange Crush, Pineapple Express, Cinnamon Toast, Black Berry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Root Beer Float, Hubba Bubba, Grape Sativa, Peach Indica, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Lychee, Blue Dream, Gods Gift, Rockstar, Candy Cane, Forbidden Fruit

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