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Premium Blond Hash PINK 2.0 

Pink 2.0 is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the delicious Predator Pink with the infamous Starfighter F2 strain.

This premium hash is great to add to a joint or to smoke straight up in a bong or a pipe. 

The best of hand-made artisanal Sift Hash long appreciated for its terpene profile, potency, and how it completely melts and vaporizes.

Enjoy it in a pipe or bubbler, or sprinkle some on your joint for a THC turbo boost. 43-49% THC.


Blonde Hash

What is Blonde Hash?

Blonde hash, also known as Yellow Lebanese Hash, is a strain that’s been around for centuries and is characterized by its signature yellow color. Although this strain originated in Lebanon, today it is used most commonly in Europe and is relatively rare outside of the continent. Historically, Blonde hash is famous for being one of the first strains used to study the potential of marijuana as an alternative form of medication to treat a variety of incurable ailments.

As with other Lebanese hash strains, Blonde hash is produced by rubbing the flowering tops of mature Cannabis plants carefully over a fine silk cloth. Using great amounts of pressure, the resulting powder is then pressed together until a large slab is formed. The slabs are usually very thick but can be cut and re-pressed easily due to their high resin content.

Blonde Hash Potency

Although Blonde hash is one of the older hash strains on the market, it maintains a fairly moderate level of potency that still allows it a place among newer strains. However, its potency can vary quite greatly depending on the harvest or resin extraction process. As with all hash strains, the techniques used to harvest and produce Blonde hash are what make this strain extremely concentrated and far more potent when compared to other forms of cannabis.

Blonde Hash Effects

Lightly aromatic with a hint of spice, Blonde Hash is known for having a quite harsh and spicy taste that often takes users time to get used to. Once consumed, this strain delivers a pure and simplistic high that’s characterized by a heavy head rush followed by a pleasantly mild body buzz. Despite its moderate potency level, Blonde hash offers a delightfully active and cerebral high that is suitable for first-timers or people with a low tolerance for THC.

Blonde Hash Benefits

There are a host of benefits associated with consuming Blonde hash, many of which can be found with almost any hash strain. First and foremost, the process used to produce hash requires no solvents or lab equipment, making it one of the safer cannabis products to consume. This process also captures all of the beneficial compounds found in the trichomes of the raw plant, and these compounds work together to boost the potency and overall effectiveness of the strain. In terms of therapeutic benefits, this strain is often used as an effective treatment for ailments such as migraines, depression, chronic stress, and loss of appetite.

How to Take Blonde Hash

The versatility of hash is what makes it many users’ preferred way of consuming cannabis. In general, the four most common methods of consuming hash are through oral consumption, smoking, vaporizing, or dabbing.

Hash is fat-soluble, meaning that it can be heated and blended into oils, butters, or creams and cooked into edibles that are orally ingested. Once the hash has been infused into the chosen fat, it can be added to recipes for baked goods, mixed into beverages, and so much more.

Although it can be smoked alone, the consistency of hash can make it somewhat difficult to work with, and that’s why many people often mix it with marijuana as a way to boost the flower’s potency and effects. This can be done by mixing the two into a joint or a blunt, or simply sprinkling the hash on top of a pipe filled with flower.

Vaporizing hash often involves the use of a product known as hash oil which allows users to vaporize hash without worrying about residue buildup. Vapers mostly use a pen vaporizer, and this device works by heating the hash to its boiling point to produce a pure vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed quickly through the lungs.

Dabbing hash requires a unique type of water pipe known as a dab rig, and this process involves placing the hash on a hot surface to produce an inhalable vapor that is rich in cannabinoids. Much like vaping, dabbing allows the hash vapor to be absorbed quickly through the lungs for immediate effects.

Blonde Hash Dosage 

When determining the correct hash dosage for you, it’s critical to remember that each individual requires a different dose depending on a variety of characteristics such as sex, bodyweight, THC tolerance, previous experience using cannabis, and so much more. That being said, here are a few tips to help you calculate a fairly accurate hash dosage.

The average person requires about 20mg of THC to achieve psychoactive effects, and hash contains approximately 500mg of THC per 1 gram. Using these numbers you can use a food scale to weigh out your desired dose. It’s always better to start with a smaller dose and build your way up until you reach your ideal dosage.

Final Thoughts

Blonde hash is an old-school strain that’s perfect for both hash veterans and newcomers alike due to its moderate potency and simplistic high. Whether you’re using it for medical or recreational reasons, Blonde hash is a sure-fire way to enjoy a positive and relaxing hash experience.


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