SherbQuake By Kingman’s Crew (AAAA)


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SherbQuake By Kingman’s Crew (AAAA) THC33%

SherbQuake is a beautiful mix between popular strains: Sunset Sherbet and Ice Cream Cake

These buds are eye-catching, dark in colour, have intense purple plum-like leaves, showered in trichome crystals with distinguishable orange pistils. Sherb Quake boasts aromas of a combination of earthy gas followed by slight notes of sweetness.

Individuals seeking an exotic flower choice with a dessert-like taste that provides sedative properties of relaxation and sleepiness. All while stimulating a creative buzz and attitude. Relieving symptoms such as anxiety, pain and stress.

This weed strain is recommended for enjoying Sherb Quake as a nighttime smoke due to its intense sedative properties and effects. Great before-bed smoke and nightcap to end off those long days on a relaxed and calm note.




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